Optimal Digital X-Ray Dental in Idaho Falls

X-rays are a kind of radiation that uses electromagnetism to show images of the inside of the body. With this type of rays, doctors do not have to make an incision to view the body’s interior. X-rays are used in medicine due to their ability to go through objects, and there are different types of X-rays used for various purposes.

Doctors mostly use X-rays to check an area on the human body that is painful or monitor a previously diagnosed disease such as osteoporosis. Doctors also use this technology to check how a sick part is responding to treatment. Some of the conditions that require the attention of X-rays include bone cancer, blocked blood vessels, breast tumors, fractures, and swallowed harmful items. Dentists also use these rays to examine the state of a patient’s teeth.

Preparing for an X-Ray

When a patient goes through the X-ray procedure, doctors require them to wear loose clothing to allow movement. A patient should also remove metallic items or jewelry to avoid interfering with the X-ray test. It is also essential to inform the medical practitioner of any implants in the body because these implants reduce the effectiveness of X-rays.

Before the procedure, a patient should take a contrast dye to enhance the image quality the rays will produce. The contrast dye contains barium or iodine compounds. A patient may take the contrast dye in various ways depending on the purpose of the X-ray.

Understanding Digital Dental X-Ray

Digital dental X-ray procedures diagnose, detect, and help treat oral conditions much better than traditional X-rays. Digital dental X-ray creates enhanced images showing the condition of a patient’s teeth and gums.

Medical practitioners acquire digital dental images through semi-indirect, direct, and indirect methods. The indirect method uses a film scanner to convert traditional dental X-rays into digital images. The direct method involves an electronic sensor that records images in the mouth. On the other hand, the semi-indirect process uses both a scanner and a sensor to produce a digital film from dental X-rays.

Advantages of Digital Dental X-Ray

Digital X-ray dental in Idaho has multiple benefits compared to its traditional counterpart. Some of the benefits include:

  • Revealing hidden tooth decay, gum disease, cysts, and bone infections.
  • The technology produces images that dentists can view and manipulate on a computer screen instantly.
  • The technology allows efficient data storage in small drives that maximize space.

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Optimal Digital X-Ray Dental in Idaho Falls