Amazing Dental Veneers in Idaho Falls

Types Of Dental Veneers



There are two types of dental veneers: porcelain and resin veneers. Many people opt for porcelain veneers because they do not get stained as fast as resin veneers. Porcelain veneers also mimic natural teeth better than resin veneers.



Dentists can place porcelain veneers on the side or top of the teeth. This type of veneer looks just like natural teeth, and they can also become whiter. Before placing the shells, a dentist will remove some tooth enamel to ease attaching the veneers.



On the other hand, resin veneers are less expensive and easier to attach since they require minimal enamel removal. They are also easier to replace when broken compared to porcelain veneers.



Porcelain veneers have some advantages over their resin counterparts. Porcelain veneers do not stain and can stay up to 20 years, while resin veneers stain with time and can only stay up to five years. In addition, porcelain veneers are less likely to fracture compared to resin-based ones.



Dental veneers fix teeth that are discolored, broken, or misaligned. One needs to communicate with their dentist what they are trying to achieve with veneers.



Dental Veneer Procedure



First, a dentist reshapes a tooth surface to create space. The patient can request the area to be numbed or not during the procedure. The dentist then makes a model of the tooth, which is then transferred to a dental laboratory. The dental laboratory takes 2-4 weeks to complete the veneers. In the meantime, the doctor puts temporary veneers before the dental laboratory sends the genuine ones.



The dentist first cleans and polishes the tooth surface to prepare it to receive the veneer. They then place the veneer on the tooth and trims it to achieve the best fit. Once they are satisfied with the fit, they cement it permanently to the tooth.



The dentist then shines a special light that causes the veneer to harden quickly by activating some chemicals present in the cement. The dentist then requires the person to conduct follow-up visits to have their gums checked.



Benefits of Dental Veneers



Dental veneers reverse dental appearance problems, restoring confidence. Some of the benefits associated with dental veneers include:



  • They repair the teeth through an easy process, making them pleasing to the eye.
  • The procedure is minimally invasive.
  • Veneers are permanent and durable, and maintaining them is easy.
  • They help to fix enamel loss.



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