Oral Sedation Dentistry

There are many reasons that 50% of the population put dental care at the bottom of healthcare list. Some people are just very fearful while others have suffered bad experiences in the past. Some people need extensive dental care and don't have the time for several visits.

For these situations our office offers Oral Sedation Dentistry.

After an in initial visit with us where all your questions and concerns well be answered. We will schedule your sedation appointment. You will find your treatment is preformed more comfortably than you might ever have thought possible. You will be drowsy, and unaware of the time passing by. Our specially trained team will monitor you continually throughout the appointment. The big Plus? We can accomplish extensive amounts of dentistry at one time and you will have little or no memory of the experience.

For anxious patients, this new treatment is a miracle. Your dental health is important and need not be neglected because you are nervous. Oral Sedation Dentistry is as simple as taking a pill.