Diagnodent Machine


One of the things that we feel is our most important responsibilities is to identify and fill cavities. Even the smallest spot of decay can threaten the integrity of the entire tooth. That is why the typical poking and probing sessions have been unaccpetable, and sometimes are uncomfortable, part of the dental exam. However these methods of decay detection are not always 100% successful cavities often hid along fissure lines, or inside biting or occlusal surfaces, and these mechanical methods of decay detection are limited to finding only those cavities that are equal to or larger than the probe head. For these reasons we've invested in a Diagnodent machine.

The Diagnodent technology uses a simpler laser diode to inspect your teeth, comparing a reflection wavelength against a known healthy baseline wavelength to uncover decay. It is a simple, painless way for us to catch more areas of decay sooner and with more precision. Not only can it prevent the spread of decay, but catching decay early means fillings can be smaller allowing us to preserve more of the tooth structure.